A Review Of IAP Worldwide And The Achievements So Far

Since 1953, IAP Worldwide has worked on offering reliable services to companies in different industries, with their main area of operation being the provision of technical support and logistics services. Over the decades, IAP Worldwide has transformed its form and system to become one of the best-rated companies in that category. They have been also working with the government supporting the army based overseas.

IAP Worldwide started as a small company called Pan Am Service and they are remembered for being the first in the country to install the first launch complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida. During this period, IAP Worldwide on iapws.com offered support that allowed the launch of more than 2500 air-breathing missiles and the base was also used to host the manned shuttle program.

More than five decades later, the company has grown and developed into one of the most preferred providers of logistics and technical services. They have acquired several companies and businesses along the way to expand their addressable market and to offer more value to their clients. Some of the companies acquired by IAP Worldwide include G3 Systems, a British engineering firm that has been working within the UK and overseas.

Natural power generation solutions
Of the many power solutions IAP Worldwide has been offering, the company has emphasized on the need to offer environmentally friendly power generation methods. Such include the development of units powered by renewable sources of energy like solar and wind.

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In this capacity, IAP Worldwide offers solutions for both permanent and temporary solutions and the company has been working with both government institutions and privately run entities to avail reliable power solutions at cheaper rates. After installation, IAP Worldwide also offers maintenance services that help to ensure the supply of power is uninterrupted and continuous as would be required at many entities.

Keeping teams connected through IT
Connections and communication help to eliminate mistakes and are a good way to speed up processes in companies and businesses. This is one of the areas IAP Worldwide has invested in heavily to ensure companies on Hoovers are connected through a strong IT and communication network.

The company installs and maintains IT systems that link the product development process to the entire working environment. IAP also installs secure systems that make it easier to handle confidential details and if one wants to install patches to existing networks, they have great solutions and choices for different categories of clients.

Why Mike Baur Is Gaining Popularity Among Young Swiss Entrepreneurs

Over the past two years, Mike Baur has been working to advance the agenda of the Swiss Startup Factory, the biggest startup accelerator in Switzerland. He has invited professionals and experts in diverse fields to help in the process of managing the company. Mike Baur is a professional banker who exited banking to create time for his idea in entrepreneurship.


He had worked as a banker in Switzerland for almost 20 years and in 2014, he decided to leave the profession for entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs across the country are the biggest beneficiaries of his effort because they have received support in managing their ideas and molding them into successful businesses.


Pre-accelerator support

The acceleration process is implemented within a period of three months, where startups are introduced to the business world. During these three months, the Swiss Startup Factory covers various elements of business including offering the pre-accelerator support. This support includes coaching, a vital part of the program that allows startups to get important information from professionals and experts in the industry.


This phase also offers product development support that allows the startups to come up with products that can command a following in the market. Most importantly, the Swiss Startup Factory offers marketing and IT support that ensures the startups proceed seamlessly in the execution of complex tasks. Generally, the pre-accelerator support covers all issues that an entrepreneur should consider when they enter into the business world for the first time.


The accelerator

Once the startup completes the pre-accelerator session, it is ushered into the accelerator phase, which helps to build, measure and learn about the business. It is at this stage that the entrepreneurs get prepared to achieve their ambitious milestones.


There is a demo day set to introduce the entrepreneurs to the market and let them understand the kind of challenges they should prepare for. It gives them real contact with the market. Most startups execute the ideas shared at this stage to grow and attain stability in the first months after inception.


Post-accelerator support

The Swiss Startup Factory offers the incubation process within a period of three months but after the period, startups are able to access further support through the post accelerator that is issued over the five months after the business starts operating. This support is necessary since not every startup is able to seamlessly apply the concepts taught and acquired along the way. It is to oversee the growth of the startups to ensure they don’t make mistakes.



Madison Street Capital Reputation: A Reputation like no Other

Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago, Illinois. Other than this major office, the company has offices in other parts of the globe such as Asia, Europe, and even Africa. Madison Street Capital is known for its understanding of corporate governance and corporate finance. This makes the company the number one company in North America providing financial advisory services. This fact has also made Madison Street Capital adopt a view that incorporates the whole globe rather than concentrating on local business as well as networks.In the financial world, there is no other company that precedes Madison Street Capital’s reputation.

Madison Street Capital specializes in various services that are not limited to mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy services as well as Buyout Advisory. The firm is also known to offer other services such as corporate governance, capital restructuring, reorganization services and private placements. All the above services fall under the corporate advisory. When it comes to Business Valuation, Madison Street Capital also has some services to offer. The two services it offers under this category are company valuation as well as tax compliance. In valuation for financial reporting, Madison Street Capital offers services such as structured finance products, goodwill, and intangible asset impairment as well as purchase price allocation as well as share-based compensation.

In matters of financial opinions, there are two services that the firm offers. There is solvency and capital adequacy as well as independent 3rd party fairness options. Regarding asset management industry focus, Madison Street Capital focuses on portfolio valuation services, mergers, and acquisition advisory as well as financial sponsor coverage. Finally, the firm deals with wealth preservation and tax planning. Sub services under this category include building wealth, tax planning, and business exit planning. Another important thing to note about Madison Street Capital is that it operates on a set of core values such as commitment to integrity and leadership. The firm has clients from all walks of life including governments, privately held businesses as well as publicly traded businesses. The firm knows the importance of responding to matters promptly in business. Over the years, the firm has managed to develop and acquire a team that is experienced and knowledgeable so that it can match sellers with the buyers.

Madison Street Capital understands that the needs of clients differ and adapts appropriately to these needs. Because of the good work that the company does, it was recently nominated for the M&A Awards on 29th August. The firm was recognized for its prowess in deal making as well as due to the contribution the firm has made in the finance industry. Notably, Madison Street was recognized for helping in a deal where Acuna and Asociados were bought by a company known as the Dowco. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital is a gentleman called Charles Botchway.

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How The Midas Legacy Is Impacting Business And The Society At Large

The Midas Legacy is a well-established company that deals with investment advisory and wealth management services. As part of their program, they also support clients in the process of embracing retirement by offering them information that may be useful to prevent making the wrong choices for their retirement.

They work with renowned business professionals and successful entrepreneurs to offer clients advice on managing their businesses and wealth. The Midas Legacy is about enhancing the overall well-being of individuals and businesses, so they also invest in offering health related advice and recommendations that are useful when picking a diet.

Expert advice
The company invites some of the most trusted experts in the business world to offer advice to clients on a number of issues. One of the persons selected for this duty is Sean Bower, who offers readers useful information about the real estate industry and the way insurance firms are controlling business. He edifies his readers on matters about the Federal Reserve and how the body may affect their businesses according to the trends in the market.

Bower has contributed many articles to the Wall Street Informers touching on international economies and the effect of interest rates on insurance firms when making decisions. At The Midas Legacy, Bower publishes articles on the column Unlock Your Secrets, which is hosted on the company’s website.

Fueling success among customers
The main goal that drives The Midas Legacy is enhancing the achievement of success among its customers. Through The Midas Code, clients are able to learn about different fields and are equipped with a unique experience that allows them to understand how to better plan and manage their lives. The advice provided in the book also touches on retirement planning and running a business to achieve maximum success.

Social responsibility
To serve its social responsibility, The Midas Legacy donates towards several charities. These charities include the Give Hope Foundation, which was established to help Central Florida families in the battle against childhood cancer. The Midas Legacy is a regular contributor and they also offer technical support that is necessary in running the organization.

Also in their list of foundations they support is the Florida Sheriffs Association, which has given The Midas Legacy Gold membership status for the huge donations the company has been offering to the association. Other organizations that benefit from The Midas Legacy include The Salvation Army, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Mike Baur Promoting The Culture Of Entrepreneurship Through Incubation And Mentorship

Since he exited the banking sector in 2014, Mike Baur has been spending much of his time nurturing startups and offering young entrepreneurs the support they need to establish themselves in various businesses. These projects are run through the Swiss Startup Factory, which is catering for the needs of startups through a three-month incubation program that has attracted hundreds of startups within Switzerland.


The Swiss Startup Factory is run and managed by entrepreneurs whose past speaks success and dedication. They impart vital skills and knowledge to the startups to help them handle challenging situations in the competitive market. There is also an opportunity for them to access financing, which makes it easy for the startups to start off on a strong foundation.


Network of mentors and entrepreneurs

During the incubation process, startups are exposed to a network of professionals who have made strides in the business world. The program offers the startups a chance to connect with successful entrepreneurs and mentors who offer vital advice and guidance to the aspiring businesses.


Most established entrepreneurs have had an experience with both the challenges and benefits that come with entrepreneurship, so they are better placed to offer advice to the startups on matters they should consider when venturing into the competitive world of entrepreneurship. This kind of networking is rare to find and only few startups are able to access the benefits.


Market analysis

Before a startup proceeds to implement certain ideas, the Swiss Startup Factory offers market analysis support that helps to reveal the situation in the market and what is likely to happen should the startup proceed with certain measures. This support offers the assurance startups need to help them learn and understand their businesses better in relation to the market.


Branding and optimization

One of the most important aspects of managing a business is branding, which determines the way the venture fares in the long run. Most startups lack the skills and knowledge to execute proper branding, and this is the reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers support in this area.


Mike Baur, Founder the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur has grown up wanting to become a banker and when he joined university, he pursued his dream and got his MBA. He joined the Swiss banking industry and served for nearly 20 years until 2014 when he dropped the career for entrepreneurship. He immediately founded the Swiss Startup Factory to support upcoming talented startups within the country.



Wikipedia Writers Could Have Helped Marion Cotillard In Wake Of Brad Pitt’s Divorce

Marion Cotillard found out the hard way why celebrities and people in powerful positions should hire Wikipedia writers to control their own Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is a powerful website because it shows high on search results and the general public trusts it like an encyclopedia. When somebody searches your name, Wikipedia might just pop up right at the top of the search results. And if that certain somebody happens to click on that link, everything written on that Wikipedia page would be taken at face value. And since virtually anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, it may not always be the face you want to put forward.

Marion Cotillard suffered a profound attack on her image when Internet users made Wikipedia edits to her page. Each celebrities Wikipedia page features a picture in the upper right-hand corner of the celebrity. Contained in a box underneath the picture is bits of information about the person, where they were born, when they were born, if they have died, as well as their occupation. But savvy Internet attack artists know how to change the information on each page and they did it to Ms Cotillard in the wake of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Brad Pitt has been seeing Marion Cotillard, his Allied costar. The movie was being filmed in London over the past couple of months and Brad Pitt had ample time to get to know the 40-year-old French actress known for her roles in movies such as Inception. People on the set also remarked that Brad Pitt loved to party and there was plenty of partying going on. Apparently the parties involved Russian sex workers and cocaine.

It does not matter exactly what broke up Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the Internet blamed Ms Cotillard. But the most devastating attack against the French actress came when her Wikipedia page was changed twice. These simple Wikipedia revisions made national headlines around the world. That little tidbit of information under her picture was changed to show her occupation as a “cheater” and “the reason that they broke up”.

The crazy thing is that the accused French actress is unable to change her own Wikipedia page. Someone else has to do it for you. That is why it is important to hire a group of professional Wikipedia editors in order to control the information shown on the very popular website Get Your Wiki. They will do everything from edits to updates and will also make a Wikipedia page from scratch for you if that’s what you need. Just make sure you don’t let rogue editors run away with your page. After all, you do not want to be in the defenseless position that Marion Cotillard has found herself in.

James Dondero and Highland Capital File As Pendrell Corporation Shareholders

According to a recent article on Reuters.com, James Dondero reported an 11 percent passive stake in the Pendrell Corporation as of the month of August. His paperwork was signed and filed with the Security Exchange Commission, says the article. Dondero also listed Highland Capital Group, L.P. and Strand Advisors, Inc. as shareholders on the document.

James D. Dondero and Mark Okada launched Highland Capital in Dallas, TX back in 1993. Dondero has been with the company for over 30 years. Highland Capital manages over $21 billion in assets every year. Not only is Dondero CEO and president of Highland Capital, but he is also currently serving as president over NXRT. Many new entrepreneurs and business professionals have James Dondero as an experienced mentor. It is his way of giving back to the community and to the business world.

James Dondero graduated with a degree in accounting from the University of Virginia. He earned his certification in account management and started his work in the financial sector. He managed a company called Protective Life before he got into funding and asset management. While as Protective Life, he was instrumental in raising revenues that were over $2 billion. Dondero accomplished this feat in about four years. He is on the boards of Cornerstone Healthcare and MGM Studies. Even though he stays quite busy, he still does things for the Dallas area and for other charities.

Instead of living in a more prominent city like New York City or Los Angeles, Dondero prefers to stay in Dallas where he founded his company. It makes it more convenient for him to manage daily operations of Highland Capital Management Group. Dondero is respected by his peers, employees, and his clients. He has been the recipient of several awards, including the Lipper Award and the Morningstar.


Playing the Corperate Game with Kenneth Goodgame

To truly understand a man like Kenneth Goodgame, and how he came to become a masterful marketing, sales, and retail merchandising executive, it is best to start at the beginning. Perhaps there can we form a better understanding for climb to where he is today.

Right out of the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, Goodgame put his foot in the door in 1995 as a Product Merchant at The Home Depot where he managed purchasing for an indoor garden category for Southern Region. There he led pricing, purchasing, and assortment design until 1999 when he moved on to become a Proprietary Brands Director and then Senior Global Product Merchant just a year later.

Rapid growth in his career wouldn’t end there, as Kenneth Goodgame continued to move up the ladder in 2002 when he landed a position as President and General Manager of Rubbermaid Cleaning. While working here for just two years, Goodgame managed to turn around the failing business and transform it into a rapidly growing business by securing a $30 million annual contract with Wal-Mart. All of this was accomplished in just the first four months of his employment.

Kenneth continued to grow, however, and during his stay at Rubbermaid he moved up to President and General Manager in 2004 and then Senior Vice President in the Marketing and Sales Channel in 2006. Kenneth Goodgame would move companies two more times after this, continuing his trend of taking a rotten situation and turning into an astounding success in mere months. Anything Mr. Goodgame touched turned to gold.

In 2013, Kenneth Goodgame became the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at the True Value Hardware Corporation. This would be the last stepping stone for Mr. Goodgame before he went on to become a widely influential Operations Management leader. While at True Value Hardware, Kenneth turned around a low-performance buying team and improved savings by an impressive 7% annually.

Overall, Kenneth Goodgame excels in taking a less-than-optimal situation and turning it into an efficient, effective, and productive one.

Eric Pulier Started Rolling The Ball For Success Early On

Eric Pulier, Active Philanthropist, Virtuoso in Technology and An Industry Leader
Eric Pulier is an industry leader in the field of technology and he excels at creating new and innovating software, that can be seen all over. As a successful public speaker and a philanthropist he is acknowledged entrepreneur recognized around the world. In 2015 Eric accepted a head position as Cheif Executive at Stemulis.

Eric Pulier’s choice in career was primarily shaped when he learned to encode programs and computers when he was in elementary school. His profound talent for technology manifested early on, he only validates this by launching his own database business while in high school. Shortly after graduating from his New Jersey high school, Eric continued his schooling when he chose Harvard University and achieved his bachelor’s degree.

Being a virtuoso in technology, companies seek Eric out for his expertise. He has successfully expanded over dozen different companies along side of be its founder and or co founder. Digital Evolution, Desktone, US Interactive and ServiceMesh are some of the companies Eric has had help in producing. Re incorporating virtuoso Pulier has a wide spectrum of titles among board memberships. Those title include Executive Chairman at Logic Library and Soa Software, Chairman at US Interactive and Chief Technology Officer of Santa Monica Media.

Eric Pulier being an active philanthropist, has traveled to less than fortunate areas across the US and internationally as well to create solutions for them. He’s even bestowed large donations to a network for private school called Starlight Foundation. This foundation is based on helping treat suffering children from Chronic illnesses. In addition to Eric’s achievements and dedication to philanthropy, he became a very large contributing funder for a Campaign for Free College Tuition, the program is for an americans in the country to a free college.

Eric also started off a project for cloud computing, a method that uses remote server network to gather data from the internet. This is a lot more efficient than using only a local server, which can be very troublesome if you do not know what your doing, it makes it easier to have extra person behind the scenes running things smoothly. Pulier has also assisted the aid of doctors in Africa, to improve and advance overall available medical services.

John Goullet’s contribution to the growth of DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet is the Principle of DIVERSANT, LLC and the co-founder of Info Technology, Inc. The company was established in 1994. He worked as a computer consultant, then as an IT staffing account executive before founding Info Technology in 1994. Goullet has knowledge and experience in IT services. Info Technology focused on understanding the corporate climate and helping clients resolve IT staffing needs. Additionally, John Goullet could match his consultant working style and personality to meet customer needs in the best way possible.

Apparently, he serves as the Chairman of DIVERSANT LLC. His contribution to the growth of Info Technology has been significant. Today, Info Technology has grown to an award-winning organization, having been listed twice by Inc. magazine’s 500 as one of the fastest-growing private enterprise. With only five years in operation, Info Technology grew to a worth of $ 30 million, earning it a top 10 position in a list of 500 fastest-growing privately-held enterprises in the US. It then merged with DIVERSANT Inc., in 2010 to form DIVERSANT, LLC. As DIVERSANT’S Principle, Goullet has expressed his passion for developing edge-cutting strategies to avert the challenges facing the ever-evolving IT industry.


DIVERSANT LLC is all about growth. It focuses on boosting career growth and growth in business. They give mentorship, superior training, and career opportunities to their clients to ensure they excel in their chosen career path. Importantly, DIVERSANT gives its customers a chance to work in a diverse environment that promotes collaboration and innovation. Furthermore, DIVERSANT bases its culture on a healthy competition, enabling clients to build a professional network while building a rewarding career.

Every IT staffing company has a package of benefits they offer IT professionals. The package includes job diversity, high-profile job positions, and compensations. With this in mind, they are all similar. However, for an IT professional searching for the best IT job, it would be recommendable to consult DIVERSANT as their focus goes beyond offering the essential benefits listed above.

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